Consulting Engineers

The worldwide demand for energy has never been greater, whether through conventional fossil-fueled plants or renewable sources such as waste-to-energy, biomass and carbon capture.

The demand on plant designers to meet or exceed increasingly stringent environmental standards, while ensuring new plants are cost-effective requires a close co-operation with suppliers.

Diamond Power plays an integral part of this process by providing experience and support through advanced boiler cleaning technologies and advanced diagnostic equipment.

Diamond Power's experienced engineers are available to assist you in optimizing the layout and design of heat transfer surfaces and boiler cleaning equipment and intelligent control systems.

Optimization for boiler operations has typically involved the use of high-efficiency nozzles to improve cleaning and reduce consumption of high value steam. Today, new technologies are available which can efficiently utilize the low value steam of the turbine extractions. Further savings can be achieved by using steam which has already transferred much of its energy to the turbine.

Diamond Power has a long history of innovation in boiler cleaning and diagnostics gained through engineering research and development and experience and feedback from our customers.

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