Plant Owners

Today more than ever, energy costs can be the key difference between making a profit or losing money. Everyday rising energy costs provide the plant owner further incentives to look at ways to conserve and more efficiently use energy.

Diamond Power Engineers can perform in-plant evaluations of boiler fouling and sootblower performance to assist plant engineers in determining exact locations and causes of boiler cleaning problems.

Diamond Power has a team of process engineers available to assist you in optimizing and improving the operation of your boiler cleaning equipment. Our skilled engineers arrive on-site to review current boiler operation, assess trouble areas and monitor boiler cleaning using advanced boiler imaging and diagnostic equipment. We review the results with you and prepare a clear, detailed report and recommendations.

Diamond Power's evaluation services are intended to help solve boiler fouling issues, audit boiler cleaning practices and/or optimize your boiler cleaning system.

Diamond Power's global field service network is the most comprehensive in the industry. Our trained, experienced field service network can assist you with start-up, perform on-site inspections of your equipment, provide outage technical supervision, and provide a preventive maintenance program to keep your sootblowers operating with maximum efficiency.

By addressing your concerns and taking care of potential problems before they occur, we can help minimize downtime and maximize the effectiveness of your boiler, boiler cleaning equipment and controls.

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