Power Utility

Whether you are considering new technologies for new boiler installation or upgrading and optimizing an existing site, Diamond Power has the industry's most complete portfolio of boiler cleaning, ash handling, and installation and diagnostic services.

Boiler Cleaning Systems

  • Largest installed base of sootblowers and boiler cleaning equipment in North America
  • Robust, low-maintenance designs providing the industry's best ROI
  • Conventional steam and air sootblowing systems
  • Innovative Hydrojet® water-based cleaning solutions

Controls and Diagnostics

  • Instrument-based controls to optimize cleaning levels
  • Intelligent controls minimize tube erosion while maximizing heat transfer rates
  • Open architecture, modular PLC-based systems
  • Upgradeable PC-based software featuring 1500 level intelligent cleaning solution, 1000 level advanced controls, and 100/200 level controls
  • Connectivity to open DCS Systems
  • Support services including remote diagnostics and monitoring

Ash Handling Equipment

Industry's widest range of bottom-ash and fly-ash systems

  • Fly-Ash/Bed-Ash Systems
  • Vacuum
  • Dilute Phase Pressure
  • Dense Phase Pressure
  • Vacuum/Pressure
  • Dry Mechanical Conveyor
  • Oil Soot Eductor
  • Bottom Ash Systems
  • MACT Dry Bottom Ash System
  • Submerged Chain Conveyor
  • Hydrobin® Closed-Loop Recirculation System
  • Hydraulic Bottom Ash System
  • Mill Rejects System
  • Petroleum Coke Handling Systems

Vision and Camera Systems

  • Boiler imaging systems for monitoring and diagnostic trouble-shooting
  • Stand-alone or integrated systems

Field Services

  • Turnkey project management services for new installations and major upgrades
  • On-site troubleshooting and maintenance services
  • Engineering performance and consulting services

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