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Recovery Boiler Equipment

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Blade Runner

Blade Runner
  • Dependable, automatic 3-stroke operation
  • Complete access for manual cleaning
  • Visual inspection doors with optional remote camera
  • Compatible with nearly all recovery boilers
  • Spout hood doors - designed to be "open" or "closed"
  • Rugged, specifically selected hardened tool steel
  • Compact, enclosed design does not crowd deck
  • Improves safety with an automatic process
  • Reduces operators time in a hazardous area
  • Provides for steady and consistent smelt flow through the spout
  • Design accommodates camera or visual spout inspection

Port Rodder

Port Rodder
  • Single stroke operation
  • No exposed moving parts
  • Low maintenance
  • consistent air port cleaning
  • compact, lightweight design
  • Available for All Recovery Boilers



Improved Safety Conditions
Enhanced Operational Efficiency
Automatic Liquor Gun Cleaner

  • Utilizes Existing Liquor Gun
  • Gun Angle Control for Consistent Liquor Gun Cleaning and Symmetrical Spray Patterns
  • Local Control of System Settings
  • Available for All Recovery Boilers

Velocity Damper

Velocity Damper

Easily integrated automatic port rodder
Maximum air penetration and air velocity
Manual change of damper position

  • Air curtain to prevent air backflow
  • No turbulence in the air port
  • Light weight rodder
  • Compact design
  • Can be installed at any air level

controlling airflow velocity on recovery boilers´╗┐