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Control Systems

Control Systems
  • Full suite of control systems available to suit the individual needs of each plant.
  • PLC Based Control with Graphical HMI Operator Interface
  • Open Architecture with Operator Customizable Sequences
  • Integration with Existing DCS System
  • Historical Archiving Capabilities
  • Intelligent cleaning controls with self tuning capabilities.

As the technological leader in sootblower controls and intelligent cleaning systems, we offer unmatched experience in performance improvement through boiler cleaning.

Blade Runner

Blade Runner
  • Dependable, automatic 3-stroke operation
  • Complete access for manual cleaning
  • Visual inspection doors with optional remote camera
  • Compatible with nearly all recovery boilers
  • Spout hood doors - designed to be "open" or "closed"
  • Rugged, specifically selected hardened tool steel
  • Compact, enclosed design does not crowd deck
  • Improves safety with an automatic process
  • Reduces operators time in a hazardous area
  • Provides for steady and consistent smelt flow through the spout
  • Design accommodates camera or visual spout inspection

Port Rodder

Port Rodder
  • Single stroke operation
  • No exposed moving parts
  • Low maintenance
  • consistent air port cleaning
  • compact, lightweight design
  • Available for All Recovery Boilers



Improved Safety Conditions
Enhanced Operational Efficiency
Automatic Liquor Gun Cleaner

  • Utilizes Existing Liquor Gun
  • Gun Angle Control for Consistent Liquor Gun Cleaning and Symmetrical Spray Patterns
  • Local Control of System Settings
  • Available for All Recovery Boilers

Velocity Damper

Velocity Damper

Easily integrated automatic port rodder
Maximum air penetration and air velocity
Manual change of damper position

  • Air curtain to prevent air backflow
  • No turbulence in the air port
  • Light weight rodder
  • Compact design
  • Can be installed at any air level

controlling airflow velocity on recovery boilers´╗┐