Service & Maintenance

Diamond Power Specialty Limited (DPSL) is a specialist company with the most comprehensive service network available for sootblower repairs and maintenance. We view service as an integral, "value-added" feature that comes standard with every piece of equipment we sell.

Overhaul & Repair

If your equipment needs repair or refurbishment due to an emergency or during a planned maintenance outage, depend on our Service Centre to get the work done quickly and efficiently and within a predetermined budget.

We can overhaul complete sets of boiler cleaning equipment at competitive rates and are equally happy to provide our specialist services for minor work. All replacement Diamond Power parts supplied, and work undertaken, will be covered by our usual warranty.

Lance Repair

One of the largest, single maintenance costs on a sootblower is the replacement of lance tubes.

To help minimise costs, Diamond Power offers a complete lance repair service, covering the full range of material from low alloy steels to high chrome and stainless steels.

All types of repairs are carried out, ranging from replacement of a nozzle through to complete refurbishment of lance tubes with replacement of front and middle sections.

Our repair service includes ultrasonic thickness testing, heat treatment and non-destructive testing.

Replacement Parts

Let us ease your workload by helping to organise supplies for a major overhaul.

In association with an overhaul, we will estimate spare parts in advance to eliminate last-minute ordering.

On Diamond Power equipment, we can take this service a step further and hold spares until required, returning any surplus stock to our warehouse at the end of the contract.

On-site delays are eliminated and the equipment is quickly back in operation.

Installation & Commissioning

Most companies are understandably keen to install and commission their own equipment to ensure the reputation of their products. Diamond Power is no exception. Many years of accumulated experience ensure that work is carried out to the highest standard.

As well as sootblowing plant work, Diamond Power undertakes the erection and refurbishment of general mechanical/electrical plants to the same standards of workmanship.

Other Services

Diamond Power will inspect your plant and provide a detailed sootblower survey report, along with our recommendations, for a nominal fee.

For those customers with smaller installations not requiring the full scope of our service, we are pleased to quote for specific work or carry out work on a time and material basis

Safety & Legal Requirements

Diamond Power carries the appropriate insurance and safety equipment test certification.

Compliance with all statutory and local site safety regulations is ensured by our Company Safety Organisation and Procedures.

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