Diamond Power has worked closely with many clients to develop and implement specific maintenance programs for maximum availability and improved effectiveness of their sootblower systems.

This work has taken the form of a fixed-period full-maintenance agreement, consisting of a series of regular visits, or permanent on-site presence. This scheme is tailored to suit specific site demands.
Work is carried out to an agreed price for all items of work commonly encountered on sootblower systems.

In other instances, we have undertaken work based on "Target Prices". On such contracts, there is a positive pressure to improve the effectiveness of the maintenance regime to the mutual benefit of both parties. Such projects often have agreed "performance indicators" such as availability of key blowers, down-time after fault reported, etc. built into them. This gives our customers total confidence in the effectiveness of the Diamond maintenance package. Such projects can be supported by supply of parts from our stocks, thereby minimising sootblower downtime and reducing on-site inventory costs. Special call-out facilities for emergency breakdowns also are available.

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